I am Lukasz
Since you came here, you probably wanted to know more about me, my experience, which I do exactly.

I create websites out of this world! 🙂
Long story short:


I am a Graphic Designer with 10 years of experience, I have been working practically on every graphic area for all of these years. From printing, Web, UI, retouching, photo manipulation, video, photos to 3D.


I am a WordPress Developer with 4 years of experience. I work on WordPress and use it as a framework. I modify templates, add custom elements, optimize websites and stores. The perfect support for marketing activities.

Privately, a father of two children. I sometimes tinker around. Huge fan of large aquariums, wannabe Pro Gamer. I drive fast when nobody can see. I remember the sound of the 56k modem.

To follow my experience closely
I refer you to my LinkedIn profile.

matysiewicz studio

About yourself in one sentence?
“Combination of designer soul
and developer mind”




Do you have any questions? Write!

[email protected]

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